Virtual Data Centers

Flexibly control the capacity of your virtual data center.

With a pool of high-performance virtualized data center resources made available to meet your business needs, our virtual data center offers you a scalable service based on your capacity needs with high flexibility on resource deployment. We guarantee you a robust computing environment while you pay only for increased capacity whenever you need it instead of building for maximum capacity forecasted.

Simplify IT operations daily.

Fewer physical servers in your data center reduces power and cooling costs, while saving costs on server hardware and related maintenance. Not only allowing you to reduce your hardware investments, our virtual data center provides you with cost-effective approach to separate your email server, web server and database server to enjoy more robust and reliable data center.

Configure your Virtual Data Center with Ease and Flexibility

It’s as simple as 1-2-3! Use our simple configuration tool to build and customize your own virtual data center and have it provisioned within minutes. View and control the prices of your customized plan before making any commitments.


Visit our Raya Cloud portal to order your virtual data center within minutes                                                                                                                                                                    .