Access your Resources Securely from Anywhere in the World

Raya Cloud VPN is designed to provide you and your team with access to all your servers over our private network with unlimited file transfers through an encrypted VPN tunnel. The ability to tailor your VPN portal allows you to give any user on your account VPN access with other customization options on the user level. With quick access, you will connect with the private network and manage your server and services without compromising the sensitivity of your data.  

Reliable Performance and Secure Real-Time Collaboration

Extend your on-premise IT systems to the cloud and secure your connection using our IPSec VPN. No more worries or fear of compromising the sensitivity of your data over the public Internet. Raya Cloud VPN is secure with reliable performance especially for application-centric businesses that utilize more real-time collaborations, VOIP and videoconferencing. Our encryption-based VPN guarantees the security needed to keep your sensitive data and critical assets safe and protected from undesired intrusions.

Order your VPN service easily through our Raya Cloud portal. VPN service is available for clients who already have a Raya Cloud virtual servers of virtual data center.