E-mail Filter

Keep the bad Stuff out of your Inbox 

Our email filter protects your organization with scalable multi-layer security. Emails are frequently exploited danger windows to any organization and thus its protection remains of prime importance. E-mail-borne data breaches, spam-based attacks, data leaks and other business disruptions are all history with our e-mail filtering service. Combining several layers of protection, we provide you with email spooling that ensures business continuity and the safety of your inbound and outbound emails.

Get a Safe and Smooth Collaboration Expereince

Our cloud-based e-mail filter comes embedded with your email collaboration order and can be set up on the fly. It is easy to configure and customize through a set of intutive rules and conditions, ensuring a personalized expereince for your business. Our e-mail filter solution identifies and removes all spam threats before they reach your inbox.

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Email filter is imbedded with our cloud email collaboration service. Visit the Raya Cloud portal now to view and order your email collaboration package.