Virtual Firewall

Guaranteed Security for your Infrastructure

Our bridge-mode based virtual firewall appliance runs entirely on a virtualized environment created to guarantee you a safe packet filtering and monitoring experience. Beyond the limitations of physical security, our virtual firewall provides you with multi-tenant support and ease of management that allow you to enjoy optimized operations experience. Based on world-leading technology, our virtual firewall connects to every virtual machine, applying policies to all traffic entering and exiting each system.

Single Platform with Simplified Security

Through our easy-to-manage single platform, our virtual firewall gives you access to actionable reports that facilitate policy enforcement and allow you to forecast targeted attacks. With on-demand consumption models, our solution provides you with flexible licensing and provisioning options with guaranteed granular control over your applications and users.

Whether you’re an existing or new client, you can order a virtual firewall along with your virtual data center (VDC) through our Raya Cloud portal. It only takes a few minutes.