Reliable and Secure Environment for your Mission-Critical IT

Our colocation services enables you to host your IT infrastructure at one of our state-of-the-art data center facilities while your IT personnel can manage it remotely or on-site. If you wish, our highly-trained and skilled managed services team can be assigned to manage your hardware, appliances, and applications resulting in better performance and more focus on your competencies.

We also lease office space to customers so that their IT personnel can manage their hardware comfortably in our data center site.

Leverage our Robust Infrastructure without Big Investments

With reduced IT infrastructure and management costs, our co-location services guarantee a more predictable OPEX model, without having to keep up with the escalating capital expenses of building, securing and maintaining your own data center. While private data centers can face power capacity challenges, we provide you with a more robust power while leveraging on innovations and technological upgrades.

Scope of Colocation Services:

  • Co-location:

We offer our customers simple co-location services that allow them to have their data center hardware hosted in our data center while their IT personnel manage it remotely or on-site.

  • Managed Co-location:

Our managed co-location services allow our customers to focus on their competencies while our professional team manages their hardware and applications, providing them with all the necessary periodic reports.

  • Dedicated Video Surveillance:

We provide our customers the industry's best video surveillance, recording, and monitoring technologies. No matter how large or small your business is, our custom installed surveillance systems will ensure that your assets are protected from theft or vandalism.

  • Secure Caging Services:

Security is the prime importance to any data center. We provide customers with standard secure steel caging for their hardware enabled with IP surveillance to ensure that no other person has access to their information and data but their IT team.

Our sales team is there to help you with information critical to your service decision. Contact us for more information about key features and pricing packages.