Shared Hosting

Reduce Your CAPEX with our Shared Hosting

Shared hosting allows for multiple applications to be hosted on a shared hardware. With low maintenance and ease of use, it cuts down your capital investment significantly. You do not have to have professional knowledge or skills to set up and run your websites or application in a shared hosting server environment, let us do the job for you while you focus on your core competencies and operations.

On-Demand Flexibility and Scalability

Our hosting infrastructure delivers maximum application performance and reliability. Unlike traditional overutilized hosting services, our environment is robust yet cost-effective and flexible, enabling better scalability of your applications up or down to match your demand.

You don't have to worry about sudden spikes in demand on your IT resources. Our hosting team will quickly help you scale up (or down) your resources in a very short time window. If you have scheduled demand fluctuations that you are aware of, our team can configure your resource utilization to meet your business requirements, thereby managing cost and optimizing service delivery.

Our sales team is there to help you with information critical to your service decision. Contact us for more information about key features and pricing packages.