DC Facility Audit

We make sure your environment is risk-free

Our DC facility audit includes a full-fledged assessment of your electromechanical environment including cooling, electrical power supply, networks and light current systems. Our consultancy service ensures that your data center’s electromechanical system is operating efficiently and is risk-free. Our facility audit services include DC Earthing inspection and assessment, DC thermal imaging audit and inspection and DC power quality test and inspection. These assessments ensure that all your electromechanical features are sound and are up to the international standards of operation.

A comprehensive audit to benchmark your facility’s electromechanical features

DC earthing inspection and assessment provides advice on monitoring according to the EU CoC, ISO50001 and EN 16001, while our DC thermal imaging audit and inspection identifies potential problems before they become costly failures, saving your time and money. DC Power Quality Test and Inspection is designed as a power quality test and inspection assist to locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot power quality problems in three phase and single phase power equipment and distribution systems.

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