DC Professional Cleaning

Boost your Infrastructure Availability and Reliability with DC CarePro

DC CarePro is a professional data center cleaning service that guarantees your data center is clean and dust-free, theryby helping keep computer equipment functioning at optimal levels of performance and ensuring maximum reliability and availability of your information assets. Our cleaning services include High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Cleaning Service, Air Particle Measuring Service, Internal rack Cleaning, Above Ceiling Inspection and HVAC Filters Inspection.

Eradicate Dust without any Data Center Downtime

Raya Data Center team operates round the clock 24/7, allowing you to enjoy the service without business interruption while your data center is up and running. With technically skilled specialists, our team are experienced to clean data centers of all sizes and levels of security, right up to Tier 4 environments. Our trained and certified team are there to swiftly have your data center free of hazardous particles that compromise the safety of your sensitive hardware.   

Our sales team is there to help you with information critical to your service decision. Contact us for more information about key features and pricing packages.