Referral Program

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We value you as a partner and we value your positive word of mouth about our services. We have designed a referral reward program that remunerates your proactive efforts to create new opportunities by referring Raya Data Center’s solutions to your customers and prospects. With every referred lead you get your reward with a plug-and-play program based on a simplified commission system. No set up or membership fees.

This program is valid for all our data center and cloud services and is featured through an easy-to-use web-based portal to register and track your leads and to give you access to marketing resources and information needed at your support. Our referral program portal allows you to see the status of your referrals and compensation, as well as receive any support you need. Being part of our referral program, you will find our sales and training team always in your back when you need them.

Program Features Coming Soon!


Our sales team is there to help you with information critical to your service decision. Contact us for more information about key features and pricing packages.