Data Center Care Pro Services

Since electricity quality and appropriate cooling system are considered the backbone for any critical facility such as computer room, data center, hospital, etc…) It is essential to make sure that your electromechanical infrastructure won’t fail you.

Crisis comes without appointment so get prepared!

We RDC are your expert team on whom you can depend.

From wide range of measuring tools to qualified engineers will scan your desired area of protection to give you figures and highlight the problems before they show up.

Humidity Measurements

Many people tend to neglect the humidity factor from the operation and management point of view which leads to short life time of the equipment or sudden failure. We divide the computer room in different sectors regardless the equipment and check the ambient humidity of each sector on both levels horizontal and vertical to detect if there is a zone that needs

Air Flow Rates

Ambient temperature is not only controlled by the cooling loads and devices but by the correct air flow inside the data center We help you optimize the flow to get a better balanced environment, increase devices life time and save cost.

Particle Counter

We ensure as well that the devices are in a healthy environment my sampling the air around the devices, analyzing it. Finally, we give a report showing the quantity of dust in the computer room and even the dust particles sizes!

Thermal Imaging

We scan every equipment in the computer room to check the heat dissipation, heat contamination, cooling leakage, overheated devices, etc… Thus giving you a complete picture of the computer room in terms of infrared, simply we let you see what your eye cannot see.

Environmental Temperature

Recommended Data Center Temperature Preventing Costly Downtime Caused By Environment Conditions. We divide the computer room in different sectors regardless the equipment and check the ambient temperature of each sector on both levels horizontal and vertical to detect the hot spots, unbalanced temperatures, etc…

Power analyzer

This service is priceless as it gives you a complete insight of the electricity you receive and use. It shows if the UPS or voltage stabilizer you are using is doing its function or not. Every detail will be revealed to you from voltage, currents, frequencies to dips and wells. Only then you can compare the raw electricity you get to the processed one.

The Team is specialized in computer rooms.

Our highly trained team have a great experience with data centers, they know what they deal with.

RDC is the only company that offers this service.

There is no other company provides the same services that we offer.

The report is revised by a senior engineer.

The service report is performed by professional engineer and revised, discussed and approved by a senior engineer.

The service is tailored upon the customer need.

Choose what you need from our various services or ask for more!

We reach all Egypt.

No matter where your location is, we will reach and perform our services with the same high quality.

All devices used are premium quality (Fluke only!)

We use only calibrated, tested and certified FLUKE devices to ensure actual readings.

Service is available around the clock.

Choose the available time for our visits based on your schedule.

This service is performed by engineers only.

Only Electromechanical engineers specialized in data centers tests your data center.

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