Raya At Galance

Raya IT is the leading system integrator in MEA, was established in 1998 with a vision to lead the IT market through providing organizations with business solutions that allow Raya IT to simplify their business operations and increase their day-to-day productivity, profitability and operational efficiency. As Raya IT committed to continue to expand its services in the market, Raya Data Center has been established since 2012 to be the leading Data Center Service provider in the Egyptian market with a large portfolio of outsourcing services including co-location, cloud computing, e-mail collaboration, electromechanical services, data center security and consulting, And professional services. Since its official establishment, Raya Data Center enjoys the trust of local and international clients from banking, insurance services, manufacturing, government sectors, pharmaceutical, distribution, real-estate, retail and oil and gas.

Raya Holding

Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, yet unrepressed to cover operations in all continents, Raya Holding is an auspicious investment conglomerate managing a diversified investment portfolio. As the parent company for eleven up-and-coming lines of business, Raya Holding operates in the fields of information technology, data center outsourcing, contact center, smart buildings, consumer electronics, social media development, food and beverage, land transport and PET remanufacturing, as well as its newly launched electronic payment line of business. Listed on the Egyptian Exchange since 2005, Raya Group empowers 6,500 proficient employees, accommodating to a wide international customer base from based in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Poland and Nigeria.

Our Vision

Making Your Business Simpler

Our Mission

Providing the digital enablement for all organizations through an innovative I solutions with a philosophy to exceptional Customer Care