DC Assessment

Raya Data Center provides end-to-end data center assessment services including a review of your data center’s reliability and points of failure, a review of growth, floor space, power, and cooling needs for optimal performance.

We believe that each data center is unique and that any data center assessment needs to be customized. We will assess and evaluate your IT inefficiencies, and data center risks, and then recommend steps such as data center redesign, data center migration to the cloud, and/or other strategies to optimize and tune performance to support new business objectives. Our assessment approach and tools to ensure the success of your projects include but are not limited to:

arrow_rightAir flow Meters

arrow_rightFluke Dust Meters

arrow_rightFluke Thermal Imaging Camera

arrow_rightAir Purifiers

arrow_rightHEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Mechanical systems subject to review include cooling and temperature/humidity control, building automation/controls, plumbing/drainage systems, air distribution/ventilation, space pressurization control, fire suppression, battery room ventilation, etc.

All critical electrical systems are evaluated, including electrical power monitoring, grounding, fire alarm, security/access control, critical and standby power generation and distribution, transient voltage surge etc.