Customers Penetration Testing Request

Because penetration testing/vulnerability scans could have adverse effect on Raya Data Center or RDC customer’s environments Raya Data Center "RDC" has established a process for customers to request permission to conduct penetration tests/vulnerability scans to or originated from RDC environment.

RDC customer is responsible to ensure that contracted third-parties perform penetration testing/vulnerability scans in a manner that does not violate RDC instructions.

Furthermore, the customer is responsible for any damages to RDC or other RDC customers that are caused by his penetration testing activities.

Kindly make sure that you are aware of the following important points:

·       Permission is required for all penetration tests/vulnerability scans.

·       The testing will be limited to the source and destination IP addresses, network bandwidth, and instance-level resources (such as CPU, memory and input/output), the times, and all other conditions specified in the request form.

·       The test is subject to the terms of the RDC Web Services customer agreement.

·       Testing is not authorized until RDC validates the information and sends an authorization email.

·       The penetration tests/vulnerability scans shouldn’t require any configuration modification for RDC environment.

·       RDC is flexible regarding the used tools to perform penetration testing/vulnerability scan, while caring to protect other RDC customers and ensuring quality-of-service across RDC.

·       Customer is prohibited from utilizing any tools in a manner that perform Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks or simulations of such attacks against any of RDC resources.

·       Requesting companies should prevent the used tools from exploiting any vulnerability that has a potential adverse impact on resources that may be shared with other customers.

·       The authorization form will be reviewed and approved within 3 business days (completed forms only). Please adjust your plans as required and ensure that your request includes all information.

·       Any discoveries of vulnerabilities or other issues that are affecting RDC environment must be communicated to RDC security team ASAP. The performance of the Testing and the results are considered RDC Confidential Information.

·       The information you will share with RDC as part of this process will be kept confidential.

·       Please send your requests/security concerns to

In order to request permission to conduct vulnerability and penetration testing directed to or originating from RDC environments, the following information is required.

Upon receipt and validation of the sent information, an authorization email approving the test plan will be sent to the addresses provided below. Testing is not allowed until receiving the authorization.

Please complete and submit the authorization request for penetration testing/vulnerability scans to or originating from any RDC environments to the following email:


Contact Name


Email Address(s)




Company Name


Used Services


Affected Resources


Target Date


Source IP Address


Source Location


Destination IP Address


Destination Location 


Testing Company


Contacts of Testing Company


Company Email


Company Phone No.


Test Type

Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing

Test Objectives


Expected Required BW


Expected Peak Requests/Sec


Expected Start Time


Expected End Time


Emergency Phone Number

“In case we need to stop the test”


Additional Information