Load Balancer for VDC

A load balancer distributes network traffic evenly across multiple servers to ensure high-availability service and improve resource utilization, throughput, response time, and prevent overload. It operates at Layer 7 and maps incoming requests to a group of internal servers using an external IP address. It accepts requests via TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS and determines which internal server to send the request to. 

Client VPN for VDC

The SSL VPN service allows remote users to securely connect to private networks and applications within the organization's virtual data centers. The gateway provides support for network access mode and requires users to install an SSL client to access the network and applications. The SSL VPN configuration involves adding necessary installation packages for the operating system and configuring specific parameters.


IPSec VPN enables secure connections between the gateway and remote sites using certificate authentication, pre-shared key mode, and support for IP unicast traffic. Policy-based and route-based IPSec VPN services can be set up.