Block Storage for VDC

Raya Cloud offers a combination of fast local disk performance and the durability and reliability of a SAN (Storage Area Network). This provides the best of both worlds, with the speed of local disk and the persistence of a network-attached storage solution. 

Our storage solution allows you to expand the storage capacity for your RDC Cloud Virtual Servers. You can also create flash-backed block storage volumes that are highly customizable and offer a range of features for diverse use cases.  

File Storage For VDC

Raya Cloud's NFS (Network File System) based file storage provides efficient and cost-effective storage for your RDC Cloud portfolio. You have full control and can create file shares with flexible options. The pricing is straightforward, with a per GB rate, making it ideal for heavy workloads.  

Object Storage

Object storage is a modern way of storing and managing data in the cloud. Unlike traditional methods, object storage is designed to handle large amounts of data of any type and size. With its scalable and flexible architecture, object storage is the preferred solution for businesses and developers who want to store and access their data efficiently. 

Raya Cloud offers high-performance, S3-compatible object storage that is optimized for storing static or flat files. These files, which can include data, unique identifiers, and customizable metadata, are durable and searchable, making it easier to access and manage your data. 

Object storage files can be accessed via HTTP and are organized based on associated information, such as creation date, size, name, and file type. This makes it easier to search and retrieve your data using metadata.

In conclusion, object storage offers a cost-efficient solution for businesses and developers who want to store and manage their data in the cloud. With its ease of access, searchability with metadata, and overall efficacy, object storage is the perfect solution for your data storage needs.