Cloud Computing

Raya Cloud is the secure, fully automated, scalable and flexible way to seamlessly integrate your business into public or private cloud environments.

Without investing in new infrastructure, Raya Cloud enables you to extend your computing capacity on the fly, plug into powerful business applications, and manage your business data with ease and flexibility, all at the lowest capital cost.

Ensuring global access and availability, Raya Cloud provides your business with smart and reliable solutions through state-of-the-art facilities and robust networking and connectivity infrastructure.

Lower Capital Cost

Slash away the cost of investment in expensive hardware and software licenses, along with deployment and commissioning expenses. Rent your production-ready infrastructure and pay only as you go. No need to build new data centers or expand existing ones to accommodate your growing IT infrastructure requirements.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Facing fluctuating business demand? Gone are the days of lengthy change management cycles for your IT infrastructure. Control your infrastructure capacity instantly based on your changing business needs. Scale up, down, or off.

Quicker Start-up Time

On average, based on the complexity of business requirements, it takes 6 weeks to 6 months to commission a new IT system using the traditional deployment model. In the world of cloud, the rules are different. You can have your cloud platform up and running in a few minutes to a few hours.

Less Maintenance and Support Cost

When hosting in the cloud, the responsibility of managing the IT infrastructure falls with the cloud provider, giving your organization the opportunity to be lean, nimble, and focused on the core business. A true cloud provider offers automation and strong technical support to leverage the flexibility and cost saving values of the cloud.

Guaranteed Security

Raya Cloud platform features a robust security infrastructure, with four ISO certifications including BCMS 22301, ISO 270001, ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 which mandate highest levels of security and resilience on all infrastructure, network and software layers. Our proactive monitoring, intrusion prevention, and rigorous information and physical security guidelines

Unmatched Reliability

Raya Cloud is powered by the best-of-breed hardware and software technologies that guarantee full power and network infrastructure redundancy. With our carrier-neutral connectivity infrastructure, back-up and disaster recovery procedures, and stringent SLAs, we offer your business the high availability, guaranteed uptime, and continuity it deserves in the cloud.

Exceptional Customer Support

Best known for "exceptional customer support", Raya Cloud leverages Raya Data Center's many years of enterprise-class operations hosting and managing clients' mission-critical IT systems. With our trained, 24x7 NOC and support teams, you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud with total peace of mind.

Record and Expertise

With more than 15 years of expertise in the IT industry in Egypt and the Middle East, we have served hundreds of satisfied clients who have trusted us with their mission-critical IT systems and the security of their operations. We have partnered with world-class vendors that support our operations with leading technologies, packaged with our unmatched

Support Plans

Support That Never Fails you

Raya Data Center provides you with support plans that vary based on your IT needs, ranging from basic support to Elite support. Our support services significantly improve your IT performance, avoiding service interruptions with proactive monitoring and responsive management. With our augmented IT support, you reduce your operating costs and ensure high availability for your business.

With various support channels, ranging from phone, online chat to online ticketing system, our customers leverage on a top-notch support system, governed by an expansive SLA and is tailored to meet your specific support needs. With the availability of different packages, you can set your needs for response time, daily duration of support and the service delivery. You can also benefit from our knowledge base and documentation center that comprehensively answer your inquiries and provide you with the necessary information.

Support Plans

Raya Data Center offers a diversity of support options for all clients ranging from a developer with a basic virtual server on Raya Cloud to a large enterprise with a complex cloud environment running mission-critical applications. Check out the table below for the available support plans. If you need more information or if you wish to customize your support package, please contact our sales team.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Initial Response Time is the time span starting when you first submit your support request until a Raya Cloud support engineer contacts you and starts working on your support request. The Initial Response Time varies based on your selected support plan and the severity of your incident. The initial response time shown in the table to the right is for the maximum severity level incidents.
  • Initial Response Time is based on 24x7 support for “Premium” & “Elite” support packages and business hours for “basic” & “standard” packages.
  • Monthly Optimization Report provides you with insights on your resource usage to help you identify areas where you can achieve cost saving or improve your design.
  • Consultancy Support provides detailed advisory assistance specific to an individual customer such as code or architecture reviews, design reviews, detailed instructions for application or configuration tuning (e.g. performance tuning), or the verification of specifications.
  • Severity Level Assignment to an incident is left to the discretion of the customer. Raya Cloud may downgrade the severity level if customer could not provide adequate resources or responses to help Raya Cloud support team resolve the issue.
Standard Professional Enterprise Elite
Billing Support
Subscription Support
Management Portal
Knowledge Base & Doc. Center
Usage Dashboard
Meantime to Respond <8 hours (business hours) <4 hours (business hours) <1 hour (24x7x365) <15 Minutes (24x7x365)
Support Hours Business Hours (8-4pm CLT) Business Hours (8-4pm CLT) 24x7
Online Helpdesk
Email Support
Phone Support
Service Delivery Pool


Quick Introduction to the Raya Cloud Self-Service Portal

Quickly familiarize yourself with the Raya Cloud Portal by understanding how to go around the basic functions. This brief demo shows you how to order cloud services and manage them using the management portal.

After you watch this demo you will be able to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the self-service portal interface
  • Learn how to buy and immediately provision a cloud service
  • Use the management console to control and access the service

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